Audition Info


2020 Season- Instrumental, Vocal  and Dance  Auditions will be be held Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020.  All Auditions are held in Dixon Hall, Tulane University. Individual times will be assigned

Deadline- January 11, 2020

1. Auditionists (except for vocalists) are divided into three groups:

Junior Group – composed of auditionists through 8th grade.
Intermediate Group – composed of auditionists in 9th through 12th grades.
Young Artists Group – composed of auditionists in college or who have not yet reached their 26th birthday.

Vocalists are divided into two groups according to age:

Intermediate Group – composed of auditionists age 16 through age 19.

Young Artists Group – composed of auditionists age 20 through age 25

2. Audition fees:

Audition fees are $25.00 for soloists. For ensembles of two or more (choral, instrumental or dance) the audition fee is $35.00 for the group , with the understanding that the group will also pay any incidental expenses necessary to its performance. Full payment must accompany the application form. Audition fees are not refundable.

3. All audition music performed by piano, instrument and vocal soloists must be memorized. Duets and Chamber groups may use the music.

4. Soloists who have appeared on a Junior Philharmonic program one season are not eligible to audition for the solo performance on the same instrument the following season.

5. Soloists who need an accompanist or sound recording must supply his/her own. Dixon Hall is equipped with a tape deck and compact disc player.

6. Instrumentalists are responsible for only one movement of a sonata or sonatina.

7. Dancers: only traditional practice attire should be worn for the audition.  Female dancers performing classical variations may wear practice tutus.

8. Students must bring 2 copies of the music they will perform for the judges. The original score plus a xeroxed copy is acceptable.

9. The auditionist will prepare 2 pieces of music representing 2 musical periods. The first piece to be performed is chosen by the student and will be performed .There is a time limit for the 2nd piece and the student may not able to finish it, bell will be rung to stop the performance.


Please fill out the application carefully using print only! Email the filled in application form to Peggy Fransen, Audition Chair at

Also Print Out completed Application Form  and mail with check payable to The Junior Philharmonic Society of New Orleans to Mrs. Peggy Fransen at 2602 39th St. Kenner, La.70065.

The deadline for the 2020 auditions is Jan. 11th.

Individual times will be assigned and your teacher will be contacted by e-mail to receive your audition time! All results will be emailed to the teacher.

Any questions, please e mail Peggy Fransen  at