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284th Program- May 1, 2:00 pm

Dixon Hall, Tulane University

Angelia Drumm, Isobel Ramsay, Isabel Pascual, Claire Hagelman,Avery Boland, Rachel Borland, Lila Owens, Ryan Rodriguez, Sissy Smallpage, Ava Stack, Merrin Williamson, Claire Yoder, Olivia Monnerjahn, Leya Jorgenson, Lillian Cazabon, Tiffany Chin, Ella Cao, Jasmine Henry, James Lawrence, Tiffany Li, Tallulah Kappel, Brooke Arcement, Aiden Hart

Brooke Arcement

283rd Program- March 6th, 2:00 pm, Dixon Hall, Tulane University

Congratulation to our wonderful performers:

Olivia Faul, Andrea Silva, Angelia Drumm, Olivia Monnerjahn, Leya Jorgenson, Qiaoya Wang, Summer Li, Wilson Zheng, Xavier Drouin, Elah Strauss, Joe Strauss, Grace Fortune, Kyle Tran, Andrew Collins, Sebastien Barrau.

The Junior Philharmonic Society of New Orleans welcomes tax-deductible contributions from members of the public who want to invest in the cultural future of our city. Contributions are our only means of financial support, so please consider becoming part of an organization that provides performance opportunities to young artists from throughout Louisiana.

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