2023 Audition Date- Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023

New Guidelines- We now have an age limit for instrumentalists. Minimum age is 12 years old.

Dixon Hall, Tulane University

2022 Award Recipients

Congratulations to all the performers! Special Awards are chosen by the board of directors after each season. The 2022 Award winners are:

The John Tobin AwardGrace Fortune, violin

Grace Fortune

This cash award and plaque is given in honor of John Tobin, a very talented musician who performed in Junior Philharmonic concerts many times. Funding for this award was included in his mother’s will and the award is given for an outstanding performance.

The Irving Carr Award Andrew Colins, viola

Andrew Collins

The Irving Carr Award is a cash award and plaque given on the basis of potential. It was started by the board of directors in honor of Irving Carr, the husband of Irene Carr Huggins. Ms. Huggins was president at the time and a long-time active board member.

The Scholarship Award- Lillian Cazabon, soprano

Lillian Cazabon

The Scholarship Award was the first award given by the society. It was begun by Minette Starts, a long-time board member who raised the money to get it started. It is a cash award given for continuing studies.

The Platzer Award- Aiden Hart, pianist

The Platzer Award was started by Ms. Bobbe Ritter in honor of her parents. It is a cash award and plaque given to a young musician for Artistic Excellence in Music.

The Emily Friend Bayle Award
Kyle Tran, violin, and Angelia Drumm, dancer

The Emily Bayle Award is a cash award and plaque given to a junior performer, eighth grade or younger, for artistic excellence. Mrs. Bayle was very active in the early years of the Jr. Philharmonic Society, happy to share her great love of music with young people and encourage them to perform and appreciate the arts as much as she did.

The Lawrence and Victoria Blanchard Ensemble Award- Grace Fortune and Sebastien Barrau, violin and piano

Sebastien Barrau and Grace Fortune

The Lawrence and Victoria Blanchard Ensemble Award is a  cash award given to an ensemble for an outstanding performance. It is given in honor of Lawrence and Victoria Blanchard. Mrs. Blanchard was President of the Board for many years.

284th Program- May 1, 2:00 pm

Angelia Drumm, Isobel Ramsay, Isabel Pascual, Claire Hagelman,Avery Boland, Rachel Borland, Lila Owens, Ryan Rodriguez, Sissy Smallpage, Ava Stack, Merrin Williamson, Claire Yoder, Olivia Monnerjahn, Leya Jorgenson, Lillian Cazabon, Tiffany Chin, Ella Cao, Jasmine Henry, James Lawrence, Tiffany Li, Tallulah Kappel, Brooke Arcement, Aiden Hart

Dixon Hall, Tulane University

Brooke Arcement

283rd Program- March 6th, 2:00 pm, Dixon Hall, Tulane University

Congratulation to our wonderful performers:

Olivia Faul, Andrea Silva, Angelia Drumm, Olivia Monnerjahn, Leya Jorgenson, Qiaoya Wang, Summer Li, Wilson Zheng, Xavier Drouin, Elah Strauss, Joe Strauss, Grace Fortune, Kyle Tran, Andrew Collins, Sebastien Barrau.

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